14:00 UTC, March 19, 2016 to 02:00 UTC, March 20, 2016 (Nine AM to nine PM CDT Saturday, March 19, 2016)

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Louisiana Qso Party – 2016

     The Louisiana Contest Club is pleased to announce that all certificates for the 2015 running of the LaQP are finally in the mail, and most should have been delivered before the end of January. We had not one, but two hard disk crashes. We lost the first one, which held the sorted list of winners and also had our certificate template. We had just finished rebuilding the template and re-entering the list when the second hard drive failed. It was a frustrating experience and we apologize to the winners for the delay in receiving your certificates.

     With that out of the way, we invite you to take part in the Louisiana Qso Party (LaQP) for 2016, which will be held on March 19. The event will run from 9AM Local to 9PM local. Complete rules are available in html or pdf at the links below.

     We are encouraging more LA stations to participate, and have contacted several rovers who plan to activate many Parishes (counties), including some of the more rare ones. Be sure to look for N5LCC, the bonus station, which will be running CW, SSB and RTTY, handing out as many contacts and bonus points as possible.

     We have one MAJOR rule change for 2016. Rule # 10.2.2 states, "Logs containing 26 contacts or more are required to submit electronically." Section 10 in the rules (below) give easy to follow instructions on submitting your log. The rules also list a number of categories in which certificates can be won.

     We want to recognize K5CM and the Oklahoma guys for swapping weekends with us, in order to not conflict with local hamfests and to allow the rovers an easier time to participate in both events. On behalf of the LaQP contest committee, we hope you will join us as we continue to grow the event.

Bobby, WM5H and Mark, K5ER


Louisiana QSO Party Rules
PDF File
List of Louisiana Parishes with Abbreviations   PDF File
Announced Plans for LaQP

LaQP Contest Forms - revised for 2015

Louisiana Log Sheet Non Louisiana Log Sheet
Louisiana Station Summary Non Louisiana Summary

Louisiana QSO Party FAQ's

Contest Chairperson: Mark, K5ER

Contest Committee Email Address: questions@laqp.org

Submit logs to: logs@laqp.org

We have been informed that at least one participant had trouble submitting his log.

We are working on the issue and will have an auto-responder on line for next year.

If you are not listed on the logs received link below, please email your log to: k5er (at) arrl (dot) net.

LaQP logs received 2016

LaQP posted winners for 2015

Logs submitted in prior years

2006 Logs 2011 Logs
2007 Logs 2012 Logs
2008 Logs 2013 Logs
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2010 Logs 2015 Logs

We welcome your comments for any improvements we can make to have this contest enjoyable and well run.