Louisiana QSO Party


1. Object: For Amateurs to exchange QSO information with as many Louisiana stations as possible on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 meter bands. It is also an opportunity for county hunters to work rare or otherwise inactive Louisiana Parishes.

Louisiana stations work everyone

2. Contest Period: The Louisiana QSO Party will run from 14:00 UTC, March 16, 2019 to 02:00 UTC, March 17, 2019 (Nine AM to nine PM CDT Saturday, March 16, 2019)

2.1 All stations may work the entire contest period or any part thereof.

3. Suggested Frequencies +/-:

3.1 CW

3.1.1 HF: 1.840, 3.540, 7.040, 14.040, 21.040, 28.040 VHF: 50.095, 144.050

3.2 Phone

3.2.1 HF: 1.865, 3.865, 7.255, 14.255, 21.365, 28.465 VHF: 50.135, 144.210

3.3 Digital

3.3.1 In the standard digital sub-bands

3.4 Since some consider these as contests, Please - No WARC band contacts

4. Classes: Non-Louisiana and Louisiana

Non-Louisiana only compete against other Non-Louisiana. Louisiana stations only compete against other Louisiana stations.

5. Categories: There will be nine main categories:

5.1 NON-Louisiana

5.1.1 Phone only

5.1.2 CW/Digital only

5.1.3 Mixed mode

5.2 Louisiana fixed stations

5.2.1 Phone only

5.2.2 CW/Digital only

5.2.3 Mixed mode

5.3 Rover (inside Louisiana)

5.3.1 Phone only

5.3.2 CW/Digital only

5.3.3 Mixed mode

6. Power:

6.1 Participants in each of the categories above may chose to operate at one of the power levels:

6.1.1 High Power – up to 1500 watts or the maximum allowed in your country, whichever is less

6.1.2 Low power – up to 100 watts

6.1.3 QRP – up to 5 watts

6.2 If ANY contacts are made at a higher power level, then the entire log shall be classified at that higher power level

6.3 Power output shall be measured at the last amplified gain stage before the antenna

7. Contest Exchange:

7.1 Non-Louisiana stations send call, signal report and state/province/country

7.2 Louisiana stations send call, signal report and parish abbreviation

7.2.1 Official list of Louisiana parishes and abbreviations is available at: laqp.org

8. Scoring:

8.1 QSO Points

8.1.1 Count two points for each complete PHONE QSO

8.1.2 Count four points for each complete CW/Digital QSO

8.2 Multipliers

8.2.1 For Non-Louisiana stations, multipliers are Louisiana Parishes (64 possible per band/mode)

8.2.2 For Louisiana stations, multipliers are: Louisiana Parishes, States (other than Louisiana), Provinces, and DXCC, per band/mode

8.2.3 For purpose of multipliers, the following 13 Canadian provinces shall be recognized: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, NT, NU, ON, PE, QC, SK, and YT. To be more in line with other state QSO parties, Maritime regions will not be recognized as multipliers.

8.3 Final Score

8.3.1 Non Louisiana Stations: Multiply QSO points by total multipliers (sum of Louisiana Parishes per band/mode)

8.3.2 Louisiana Stations: Multiply QSO points by total multipliers (sum of Louisiana parishes, States (other than Louisiana), Canadian Provinces and DXCC, per band/mode)

8.3.3 Rovers: Multiply QSO points by total multipliers (sum of Louisiana parishes, States (other than Louisiana), Canadian Provinces and DXCC, per band/mode), PLUS 50 points per Parish activated

9. Miscellaneous:

9.1 Multipliers: CW/Digital and Phone contacts count as separate multipliers

9.2 NO repeater contacts may be claimed for QSO or multiplier credit

9.3 There are NOT separate assisted / non-assisted categories. Please feel free to spot other stations (no self spotting, though)

9.4 All fixed stations may be worked once on CW/Digital and once on Phone PER BAND

9.4.1 Rovers may be worked once on CW/Digital and once on Phone per band, in EACH parish activated

9.4.2 Rovers must clearly indicate parish of operation

9.4.3 Rovers who are PRECISELY on a parish line may give contacts for both parishes, however, a separate and complete Qso and log entry must be made for each contact

9.5 Any station working N5LCC, the Louisiana Contest Club station, may claim a one time 100 POINT BONUS

9.6 See http://www.arrl.org/general-rules-for-all-arrl-contests . Where a conflict occurs between ARRL rules and LaQP rules, then LaQP rules shall take precedence.

10. Log Submission:

10.1 The deadline for log submission is Midnight, 30 days from the day of the LaQP. Logs received after that time will not be considered

10.2 All logs generated using a computer must submit an ASCII text file of the log in ARRL (Cabrillo) format. Please name your file <yourcall>.log

10.2.1 Email entries shall be sent to: logs@laqp.org. The subject line shall be the callsign only of the station submitting the log, The Cabrillo file shall be sent as an attachment to the email. Summary sheets are NOT required for Cabrillo entries.

10.2.2 Logs containing 26 contacts or more are required to submit electronically.

10.2.3 (reserved)

10.3 LEGIBLE hand written logs are acceptable for 25 contacts or less. A summary sheet IS required for hand written logs. Sample log and summary sheets are available at: http://LaQP.org/index.htm

10.3.1 Paper entries may be submitted via mail, sent to: LAQP c/o Robert Baker, 136 Northwood Drive, West Monroe, La 71291.

10.4 By submitting a log, you agree that your score, and possibly your entire log may be made public

10.5 By submitting a log, you agree that all decisions by the LaQP Contest Committee are final

10.6 Claimed scores will be checked against QSO count and multipliers and scores corrected as necessary

11. Awards:

11.1 The Louisiana Contest Club offers a large number of awards for you to compete for. Separate awards are available for each power level, listed in Rule #6. Certificates will be awarded to the top three scoring stations in each category:

11.1.1 Non-Louisiana, Phone only

11.1.2 Non-Louisiana, CW/Digital only

11.1.3 Non-Louisiana Mixed mode

11.1.4 Louisiana Phone Only

11.1.5 Louisiana CW/Digital only

11.1.6 Louisiana Mixed mode

11.1.7 Rover (inside Louisiana), Phone only

11.1.8 Rover (inside Louisiana), CW/Digital only

11.1.9 Rover (inside Louisiana), Mixed mode

11.1.10 Additional awards may be issued at the discretion of the LaQP contest committee

11.2 Results of ALL entries shall be posted on the Louisiana Contest Club website

11.2.1 Any station making ten (10) or more contacts may receive a certificate of participation by sending a 9x12 SASE (or $2) to: LAQP c/o Robert Baker, 136 Northwood Drive, West Monroe, La 71291.

12. Contact Us:

12.1 Please direct any questions to: questions@laqp.org

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